Footbed Technology


Each pair of the CALZO shoes are manufactured by hand. Our products are personal to each wearer, crafted fully by Indonesian workers. This, we are helping to sustain the Indonesian worker community. Each pair are crafted manually, bringing the essence of quality craftsmanship. 
Latex is a chemical substance which is used to create rubber. Natural latex in obtained from the sap of certain plants and can be later vulcanized and finished into a variety of products. Latex materials are known to have many applications, especially in the footwear industry where they can be used to make shoe insoles and outsoles to add flexibility and extra cushioning. 

CALZO's 4.00 latex footbed is thin and lightweight, nevertheless extremely long lasting 
Our latex footbed retains shape and molds accordingly to the shape of the wearer. The regular EVA insoles used in usual footbeds will sink in time due to its lack of shape retention, therefore, latex is the choice of comfort and durability for your foot.